Stage lights

What You Need To Know About Stage Lights

Stage lights are essential to enhance any on stage performance, be it a concert, a drama or a dance performance. Not just to illuminate the actors, set, and other props, the stage lighting setup also supports the whole piece by focusing on the appropriate objects for to conveying the right sense and feeling to what the audience is viewing on the stage.

Types of stage lights

There are different stage lights that are used to highlight and enhance specific objects in a particular area. Following are the different stage lighting solutions.

  1. Front Light- It is the motivating, primary lighting source to focus on a specific area for a specific scene.
  2. Side Light – Side lighting is used to highlight movements of the performer. It can be used to emphasize the person on stage. For instance, bottom light focuses on the shin, middle light on mid-torso, and top light on head and neck.
  3. Back Light – This stage light is required to separate the performer or object from the background. Basically, the purpose of this light source is not to blend the performer with its background.
  4. Down Light – It is used to enhance performer’s head and shoulder areas, while washing an area on stage in a soft or harsh manner.

Why stage lights are required?

Stage lights are essential for the following reasons:

  1. Selective visibility: Stage lights are important to highlight what director wants the audience to see. So, correct lighting and the way it can be utilized on stage plays an important role in enhancing any performance.
  2. Mood: Stage lights also help in creating moods and emotions in a scene so that the audience can relate to whatever is going on the stage.
  3. Emphasize flow of the story: Lights form and direct the viewers’ eyes while manipulating their thoughts of the mind. Hence, the director can make use of stage lighting to shape up thoughts of audiences in a particular way.
  4. It is essential to focus stage lighting in an appropriate way on the stage in theaters or auditoriums. Hence, the right equipment and light sources must be installed to get right impact during any on stage performance.