What Stage Lighting to buy? Conventional or Intelligent Lights?

Before going deep on the confusion of what type of light you should buy either conventional or intelligent lights, you all should be clear about the basic concept of these lights.

Conventional lights mainly belong to the traditional lights which are basically used in the homes, offices, schools, etc. These lights involve the wire filaments heated to such a high temperature that it glows with visible light (incandescence).

While intelligent lights refer to the stage lights that have mechanical or automated abilities farther than the traditional lights.

As I give you the short description about the type of lights above, now let us move to the selection of them. With the everyday changing world, the lighting equipment is increasingly being cheap to buy. This tells us that the new equipment of the lighting like the intelligent lighting ones is now in the reach of the drama society, youth group, school, churches and all. || But people today are still confused and ask most of the time that which intelligent lighting should they buy for the upgradation in their existing lighting systems. Before you go for your shopping and exhaust your valuable money, you must have some idea about the latest and cheap intelligent lighting.  

Is there a need to buy intelligent stage lighting?

You need to first ask yourself a question “Does it the right time to upgrade your stage lighting?”  Upgrading the lighting system is not a bad idea but taking a wrong step ahead is just going to torture you about the wastage of your money and time. So first, you need to back up a bit and think either for what kind of shows and events you actually want the upgradation in your lighting system or for what major reason you want it. If you got the answer then go for it unless you can also skip your plan.

Buy Flexible Stage Lighting

Most of the non-professional groups do have a large scale of lighting requirements from traditional to the modern technology being involved. The intelligent are much flexible today as we are well known about the word “upgradation” today. These lights can do colours, gobos, strobe, move around and focus up conveniently. So, buying them would be the better option.

“Buy To Learn” Stage Lighting

Everyone wants to get new experiences and also to attain more knowledge about the field they want to be in. So, trying the new lightings instead of those boring old 500W fresnels is also a good idea to learn some skills about buying as this will help you in knowing about the latest launch of equipment in the market.

You can also just try the new types of intelligent stage lights without actually buying it which will give you no loss.

The Intelligent Lighting Snowball Effect

Moving to the intelligent lighting is not completely a good option, because buying such equipment but not having the knowledge of maintaining them is just going to be the wastage of your money. Let me give you an example if you are able to afford the two moving lights for your work but still, you probably need to buy the lighting desk that controls them efficiently. You also buy some main cables, DMX control cables, and spare lamps. But after some time if one of these stops working then expanses of repairing them will make you lose the extra money if you do not have the in-house skills. It’s just that the repairing of an intelligent lighting system involves more cost and skills than that of the conventional lighting systems.

But it’s not like that you can not have the intelligent lightings in your place. You can have them but also have some extra accessories like some new Source Four Junior spots, some more fresnels and, most importantly, a good stock of accessories such as gels, floor stands, irises, barn-doors, etc.