Types of curtain tracks to keep your drapes moving

What do you like the most about an auditorium? Probably it’s style, seating arrangement, or the aesthetic drapery on the stage. But one thing that remains hidden from the eyes is the curtain track. It is not often said, but theatre curtain tracks or carriers form an integral part of any stage. This is because these units hold the entire weight of the drapes.

Therefore, choosing right type of curtain tracks for a stage is equally important as selecting the best stage curtains or lighting. From lightweight to heavy duty, there are a number of track options available on the market. This means you have got plenty of options to select a right track system to meet your needs.

Here are few major operating styles of curtain tracks.

  1. Walk-Along Tracks

These are the most common and affordable type of curtain tracks on the market. The walk along tracks consist of a track channel into which carriers are slotted. Once the carriers are slotted, the next step is to hang the curtains on the carriers. As the name indicates, walk-along tracks let you operate the curtains by holding the edge of each curtain and walking along with it to the sides of the stage for opening or closing it.

  1. Cord-Operated Tracks

These are another type of curtain tracks that are commonly found in traditional to modern-day theatres or auditoriums. These tracks are operated by a cord or rope. Using a system of cord and pulleys, the operator has to stand at one end of the stage and use the cord or rope to open/close the curtains.

  1. Motorized Tracks

Motorized curtain tracks are the automated systems that allow curtains to be opened or closed just at a touch of a button on a remote control or a machine.

These were some of the standard types of curtain tracks. However, curtain tracks can be customized as per the usage within a specific auditorium. The stage owner can get the curtain tracks as per custom length and for operation choose manual or motorized mechanisms. For a better understanding of curtain tracks and their operation, consult experts at Auditorium Works.