How to set up HD Projector-based home theatre

How to set up HD Projector-based home theater

Nothing beats the experience of the big screen for gaming or movies, but setting up a full-fledged home theater could be quite expensive. However, for those who are looking for setting up a home cinema within budget, here’s a step-by-step guide to putting a movie theater in your home


First of all, you need to select a suitable projector with higher lumen value and better visual capability. It’s best to aim for 1080p, especially when you’re planning for a large projection size. It will offer better visual output and brightness. You can get a good quality projector within the price range of Rs. 5000 to Rs. 8,000.

Structural consideration

Next step is to use the projector calculation tool for optimal placement of the device – either onto a ceiling mount or on a furniture unit. However, make sure that there’s no obstruction in between the projector and the screen.

Surround sound system

Superior quality surround sound system is required next along with a speaker placement and cable paths. A surround sound system with 5.1 comes with 2 front, 2 rear, 1 centre speaker and a subwoofer. 7.1 and 9.1. This could be the best option.


Instead of purchasing larger and expensive cinema projector screens for projection, you may consider a perfectly smooth matte white wall. It will produce better results at much affordable price.

Blackout curtains

For an authentic experience, you need blackout home theater curtains –  thick, heavy material that blocks more light than regular curtains. You can also go for room darkening curtains for the better home cinema experience.

Well, a home theater is a one-time investment that will pay you great experiences for years to come. However, with changing time you may renovate it with better and improved equipment. But the aforementioned five essentials will always be needed to set up a great home theater for enjoying gaming or movies. All thanks to this simple yet effective guide, you can get a wonderful cinema experience at home and that too within your budget.