How to avoid 3 common stage lighting mistakes

Stage lighting is very important as it can totally set or ruin the theme or mood of a particular theme. But overdoing or flooding the stage with unnecessary lighting is the biggest error that any stage designer can make.

Although the way beams of lights enter and exit a stage make a strong impact on the audience, but that doesn’t mean one has to fill the stage with various lights at the same time.

Effective stage lighting needs appropriate timing and planning. In order to achieve that, one should avoid the following three mistakes that few stage organizers make.

Colour Explosions

Lighting gels may be fun tools to play with, but an extreme colour change is an eye-sore. Imagine sudden pop up of red colour right after a blue hue. That’s not at all pleasing to the eyes, as your eyes need few milliseconds to adjust to such shocking and messy-looking colour change.

To avoid this mistake, the lighting designers must invest in a broad range of lighting gels that complement each other. So, that a performance can be enhanced with maximum tones without being too harsh on the eyes. Considering the mood one wants to create on the stage, the need of appealing and eye-catching lighting colours become an absolute need.

Inappropriate or Bad Timing of Lighting Cues

Another stage lighting mistake is the bad timing of lighting cues. The action of lights must always be in accordance with a stage performance or otherwise it will completely ruin the feel of the act or a dance performance. For perfect light set up, the designers must ensure the perfect timing of entrance and exit of lights on the stage.

For instance, if a musical band is playing blues on stage then colour scheme on the stage must be set with dim and warm toned lights – as bright lights would obviously won’t suit such music.

Excessive Lighting

All thanks to lighting technology, stage lighting designers have got a wide range of colourful lights to enhance a stage performance. But that surely doesn’t mean overload the stage with every possible colour in your lighting basket.

No one wants to focus on a lighting show filled with LEDs than a perfect stage performance. So, ensure the lights go along with the ongoing performance rather than disturbing the current theme of the act. It would be better to narrow down lighting options to use only what’s really required.

Avoiding these three common stage lighting mistakes, one can ensure creating a perfect lighting setup without any trouble. For information and expert guidance on perfect stage lighting setup, call our toll free number 1800 200 6000