Choosing right fabric for custom stage curtains

Stage curtains need a huge investment. Not only in terms of money, but also require a lot of time to ensure correct measuring process, choice of style, and selection of materials.

Every stage is different, so need for drapery is also distinct as per the stage design or layout. Therefore, many stage services providers offer custom stage curtains, which the consumers can personalise or style according to their specific requirements.

But one must be well aware while choosing right material and drapery style for custom stage curtains. Here are few essentials that must be considered for perfect stage curtains.

Right fabric for custom stage curtains

Although various fabrics like cotton, synthetic, and nylon available in the market, but all fabrics are not suitable for every stage. For instance, one fabric might be great for blocking light, but you may require curtains to diffuse light and allow it to shine through at the same time. Therefore, before selecting a fabric the stage owner must know the purpose and usage of stage.

Even colour of a fabric also plays major role in absorbing and diffusing light. So, invest in right coloured fabric and material that fulfills all stage requirements. Generally, dark coloured curtains in burgundy, royal blue, and maroon are selected for stage curtains.

Custom length and width

There are certain stages that are designed as per the available space in a building. So, for such spaces, no standard measurement will work for the stage curtains. Therefore, one needs to measure and provide their custom measurement details to the drapery companies for sew right-sized custom stage curtain.

Custom Design

For a time of any specific occasion or celebration, if one wants to get particular pattern, logo or design printed on stage curtains, then they need to take help from professionals in stage services. There are certain companies that offer customization facilities to their customers to get personalized stage curtains with a special graphic design or backdrop for an event.

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