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Auditorium Architectural Design Works in India

Auditorium Works, an end to end technical, structural and interior service provider for auditoriums celebrates a successful portfolio. The company has created architectural designs for several auditoriums and theatres that are insulative, soundproof and well drafted. The company has introduced specialized services in architecture, especially for sound buffering, outside noise control, acoustical enhancement, equipment handling, HVAC, loads and power slots. It is the first time in India that an agency has focused on specific areas of theatre designing.  Auditorium Works declares that it is not focusing on one fit for all. Discussing its grand projects in the past year, they have declared that the company has solely incorporated sophisticated engineering in order to achieve the desired results in auditorium architectural design works in India.

The architectural drawings as described, are exclusive to each aspect of the structure, proposed to be constructed. Right from the outer solid walls to the innermost cushioned shell, each layer has been reported to have developed separately. Auditorium Works has divided its designing segments into the floor plan, Bill of Quantities, Electrical and wiring plan and catwalk grid. There have been separate considerations for heat ingress, energy conservation and emergency pathways. The service provider also details about the acoustical design workings within the room with the help of different wings, sheets, absorbers and other tools. The functioning and sound behavior is said to be projected on simulation, that is also available as a separate service. In order to maximize the utility of the structure, multifunctionality is also offered as an option within the design. This includes collapsible screens, entry and exit behaviors, introducing flexibility in typology and programme elements.

The agency is first of its kind in India to provide professional auditorium architectural design services. The smart engineering has been adopted from the advanced projects as well as new innovative techniques have been developed to conserve energy, maximize the utility of peripheral space, floor area, thermal insulation and other elements demanding smart engineering solutions. The schools, colleges and other types of proposed theatres in India can now avail the benefits of high-class architecture, with very little tangible investment.